Sonisphere Festival: Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax, Bullet For My Valentine, Stone Sour, Suicidal Angels
Terra Vibe, Malakasa, Greece


Suicidal Angels

Greek’s most recent thrash export product couldn’t be absent from the biggest summer event. Even at the worst possible time, the challenge but also the honor was huge. Naturally, Suicidal Angels responded to the invitation-challenge with great success and warmed up the already big crowd with a powerful set list after 12:00. Congratulations to the guys for their excellent effort that we think that it will continue…after all, the two brand new songs that we were treated with were the best proof for the things to come…

Set List: Mourning Of The Cursed, Dark Abyss (Your Fate Is Colored Black), Bloodthirsty, Dead Again, The Prophecy, Evil Attack, The Pestilence Of Saints, Inquisition, Final Dawn, Apokathilosis

Yiannis Dolas


Bullet For My Valentine

I was surprised and awed when I saw the big crowd of youngsters packing the “small” stage of Terra Vibe for the Welsh’s premier on Greek soil, which was indeed very impressive. With no delays between the songs Bullet For My Valentine meant business grabbing the audience by the…cahounas throwing to their new single from “Fever”, “Your Betrayal”, into battle. The crowd was warm and responded from the beginning to the end of their set. Most of the young kids knew the songs note for note, while they didn’t waste time and threw themselves into the mosh pits, like soldiers under command (Stryper?) by their heroes. It would really be very interesting to watch Bullet For My Valentine in a headline show playing their entire set. Anyway, the band seems to know really well how to handle a concert, play with the audience, pump the adrenaline, and deliver a great performance. I am sure that they managed to win a lot of new fans, and they surely draw a lot of attention from the rest attendees that turned up early on the cloudy, moody Terra Vibe, making it worthwhile.

Setlist: Your Betrayal, Fever, Walking The Demon, Tears Don’t Fall, Pleasure And Pain, 4 Words (To Choke Upon), Last Fight, Scream Aim Fire, Begging For Mercy, Hand Of Blood, Alone

Yiannis Dolas

Stone Sour

Stone Sour was the first band to play on the big stage of Terra Vibe proving instantly that there are a lot of Greek ears interested in modern American heavy sound. Corey Taylor, and Jim Root set their own record being the first musicians ever to have appeared two consecutive times on the same venue, playing for different bands (Ed, Twisted Sister hold th record for playing on the same venue for two years on a row), with the singer in great shape. They kicked off with their new single “Mission Statement”, which was the better moment from their upcoming album, comparing to the two other new songs they played. In genereal, I didn’t know what to expect from Stone Sour, and in the end I didn’t feel too excited, unlike the thousands of fans waving their first in the air. Also, they didn’t play “Thrugh Glass”, that would have been welcomed. Finally, I have to say that if any promoter is reading this, a full Stone Sour show would be a good idea…

Setlist: Mission Statement, Reborn, Made Of Scars, The Bitter End, Blotter, Your God, Idle Hands, Digital, Come Whatever May, Get Inside, Hell & Consequences, 30/30-150

Yiannis Dolas


Anthrax was the first of the Big Four that appeared on stage and the main event was about to start after the satisfactory introduction by Bullet For My Valentine and Stone Sour. Thousands of fans rushed towards the area where the (once again) reunited with Joey Belladonna Anthrax were scheduled to start their set. At exactly 17:00, the first notes of “Caught In A Mosh” were heard through the speakers and Belladonna, Ian, Benante, Bello & Caggiano seemed in great shape making all the trademark moves around the stage and all in all putting on a great and flawless performance! Anthrax was absolutely stomping, bombastic and blew our minds with such timeless tunes from the 80s as “Be All, End All”, “Antisocial”, “Medusa”, “Metal Thrashing Mad”, “Caught In A Mosh”, “Indians”, “I Am The Law”, “Madhouse”. Naturally, they presented the catchy “Got The Time” but also surprised almost everyone with the choice of “Only” (from the 1992’ album “Sound of White Noise”) and why not with the tribute to the one and only Ronnie James Dio by playing the first verse and the chorus of “Heaven and Hell”. The crowd absolutely enjoyed the band’s show, the party had just begun (even under a little bit of rain that got heavier during the Metallica set) and Anthrax spread the disease to all of us who were under a state of euphoria and persisted that the time was not 2010 but 1985!

Set list: Caught In A Mosh, Got The Time, Madhouse, Be All End All, Antisocial, Indians, Heaven And Hell, Medusa, Only, Metal Thrasing Mad, I Am The Law

Sakis Nikas


Who would have thought that one day we would be about to watch Slayer playing live in our country early in the afternoon, under the sunlight and just for an hour! Fucking unbelievable! Too bad because if anything Slayer is the only thrash metal band that can make even the most relaxed spectator act like a wild furious animal under the appropriate circumstances. Hitting the stage with “World Painted Blood” and “Jihad” was expected (since their latest effort was a successful one) but the band didn’t cause a stir. The mood got better during “War Ensemble”. It was obvious that Slayer had to work harder on stage if they wanted a chaotic pit and all these extreme reactions that characterize every single show of the band since the day number one. Tom Araya was in a good mood and worked his butt off right from the start. He is the one who gave everybody -not just the fans but also King and Hanneman who were a bit numb in the beginning- the right push. Lombardo was amazing hammering the drum kit without mercy. The setlist was well-balanced with classic hymns and modern songs alike. Needless to say it was the crescendo of four Slayer classics (Mandatory Suicide”, “Chemical Warfare”, “South Of Heaven” and “Raining Blood”) that stirred everyone up. That was a blast! And that’s when the band had to go…It is about time a promoter brings Slayer back to Greece ALONE!

Setlist: World Painted Blood, Jihad, War Ensemble, Hate Worldwide, Seasons In The Abyss, Angel Of Death, Beauty Through Order, Disciple, Mandatory Suicide, Chemical Warfare, South Of Heaven, Raining Blood

Foteini Paschalidou


Megadeth were the last band for the Saturn stage and they managed to devastate the whole place with their songs. Dave Mustaine with his company drove us all crazy with hymns like “Holy Wars…The Punishment Due”, “Hangar 18” and “Headcrusher”. Chris Broderick was full of energy and shared with us his insane guitar techniques, as on the other side the “metronome” David Ellefson didn’t miss a note from his bass playing. The mastermind of Megadeth, Dave Mustaine, was “conversing” all the time with the crowd, along with his amazing guitar playing. Unfortunately, though, sometimes his voice betrayed him. The crowd went berserk in songs like “Trust”, “A Tout Le Monde”, “Symphony of Destruction” and “Peace Sells”. The absence of “Tornado of Souls” from the set list was noticeable, at least for me. In conclusion, one hour was not enough for such a big band like Megadeth! I want to believe that we will have the honor to see them again soon in our country with a full set list.

Set list: Holy Wars... The Punishment Due, Hangar 18, Headcrusher, In My Darkest Hour, Skin O' My Teeth, A Tout Le Monde, Hook In Mouth, Trust, Sweating Bullets, Symphony Of Destruction , Peace Sells

Nick Astifidis



With only ten minutes of delay, the sound of “The Ecstasy of Gold”, the usual intro of Metallica concerts, brought in synchronous… ecstasy the crowd of 30,000 who waited to see the Californians shake the ground. This ecstasy was… relieved when, along with “Creeping Death”, a few raindrops fell from the sky. Just before we had time to react, “For Whom The Bell Tolls” made the skies open up! Nevertheless, just a few seemed to bother by the 45 minute downspout. Most people seemed to enjoy this unfamiliar experience.

In the two hours they were on stage, Metallica satisfied everyone and especially those who had complaints from their concert, three years ago at the same venue. The sound and the stage performance of the band were perfect. On the back of the stage, a huge screen helped significantly viewing the show, especially during the rain.

The choice of the set list was also really good, with some surprises (as far as a Metallica song can be considered as a surprise), like “Breadfan” and “Motorbreath”, and the band’s mood was great too. “Sad But True” was dedicated by Hetfield to the bands that appeared before them and are part of “The Big Four”, while himself never stopped thanking the Metallica “family” for the 30-year support. Three tracks came from ”Death Magnetic”: “That Was Just Your Life”, “The End Of The Line “ and “Broken Beat & Scarred”, although the second could have been replaced by some other song off the same album.

Nothing was missing. The Metallica show had all the characteristics of their shows, elements that mark this quartet out of the rest. What is the only way for this show to end, then? Only with “Seek & Destroy”!

The crowd was astounding too. It was obvious every time the cameras where turning towards them. One word: paranoia!

Just before the band left the stage, Lars promised to come back really soon. I hope and I wish to the Greek crowd, next time, to see Metallica indoor. You have no idea what is going to happen…

Set list: Intro-The Ecstasy Of Gold, Creeping Death, For Whom The Bell Tolls, Ride The Lighting, Harvester Of Sorrow, Fade To Black, That Was Just Your Life, The End Of The Line, Sad But True, Welcome Home (Sanitarium), Broken Beat & Scarred, One, Master Of Puppets, Blackened, Nothing Else Matters, Enter Sandman, Breadfan, Motorbreath, Seek & Destroy

Dimitris Kazantzis


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