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Just plain and simple… straight rock’n’roll like AC/DC, Krokus, and ZZ Top. Less original than those monsters, but definitely more genuine than the rather overrated Airbourne.  
Sideburn seem to know the secrets of rock well enough. They’ve been there, done that, since they are not young and have been around since 1996 with their previous band Genocide, and they know how to draw the listener’s attention. No matter how many grainy voiced singers you’ve heard, Roland Pierremhumbert’s growl combined with Fred Gudit’s and Boris’ guitars is a win-win combination that will leave no one disappointed. Every guitar solo on the album is a highlight with the six strings blazing, initiating the ultimate air-guitar experience!
I am sure that “Jail” is not the best album you will ever listen to, and Sideburn not the best band, however from the moment that the album starts playing you forget everything else and you focus on rocking out with the Swiss. That’s the success of an album that you will listen to over, and over again, you will share it with your friends, you’ll put it on the car stereo and you’ll have a great time with…
Yiannis Dolas


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