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Not even two years of existence… And they managed to become the next best thing! The new sensation is out and we have to listen! They made the album, they released it all by themselves, they sold out, the signed up with a well-known promotion company, Rock ‘N’ Growl, they play  70’s Rock and they are here to make us go bananas! It’s true; those Romans are Q-razY!  
Their debut album (following the ΕΡ they released last year) has to offer the below mentioned. Hammond, Rockish sound, high-freq vox, hype and style, lots of boogie, and the best darn performance report, according to the holy Deep Purple books. The Italians feature blasting guitars, with a clean/dirty sound, solid and at the same time air thin. Bolstering tracks, melodic choruses, fantastic voices and that special something one seeks off a band in order to become a dedicated fan. Musician extraordinaire Craig Gruber (ELF, Rainbow, Gary Moore etc.) has already characterized them as “The new Deep Purple”!

Naturally the boys show they can do more and more, they are not clones, and songs like “Heaven with no stars”, a melancholic poem, will certainly certify the above. It’s a fact you’ll adore their hit attacks though, the likes of “Till it bleeds” or “Running around”, the first video off the album. Either way, you’ll have so much fun listening to the album… The key-word is “fun” and it’s here; the band must have had the time of their lives when creating this album.

Costas Koulis


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