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I’m not going to bother you with stories and detailed reports about the village of NWOBHM cuz you know so much more than I do; as for Bitches Sin, they can easily be characterized as one of the cult bands through the course of time and their decision to create brand new music after almost twenty two years! They did “Uduvudu” in 2008, then it was 2009 and the “Sound of silence” EP, featuring the title track cover (originally by Simon & Garfunkel); this cover is present here as well!
Ian Toomey’s emblematic figure is the key factor in this case; the man who formed the band, more than thirty years ago, along with a bunch of crazed out boys, rules the territory… The new band consists of some splendid musicians, Chris Tsangarides himself amongst them; the goldfinger of Heavy Music has also participated in the album, playing the guitar and keyboards. Chris has also produced, mixed and mastered the album, giving it the necessary magic touch. John Tucker’s (author, journalist and photographer) foreword over the sleeve is fully detailed in terms of the recording procedure and the general feeling of the band at the time.

This is modern Metal containing some past influences and references – naturally – featuring a contemporary sound though and a truly powerful performance. Dave Mills’ voice is barbaric and rough, the very voice every band would ask for in order to be considered as Heavy… “Never forget” is actually an epic song, with THE chorus dominating its whole existence! Don’t panic yet, you’re in for a huge treat… “Thanks for the memories” will make you paralyze; it’s a mid tempo superb hymn, with a vague AOR flavour… Then “Hollow man” enters… METAL!

Yep, the English totally own it… This album certifies that bands from the big island in the Northwest make music beyond recipes and formulas. They always make fantastic music, amazing songs, they put their heart and soul into it. We wish the band the best and looking forward to the interview…

Costas Koulis


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