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30 Jun

Gus G

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With his second solo album “Brand New Revolution” almost a month before its release, Gus G is on time for our Skype call and talks thoroughly about his new work, his guests and his collaboration with them, as well as the future of Firewind. Gus is in a good mood and pleasant to talk to as always, while he deals some of our notices with humor. Interview: Yiannis Dolas

Following a busy year of promotion and touring for his solo debut album “I Am The Fire”, Ozzy Osbourne / Firewind guitarist Gus G. has now announced that the recordings

13 Apr


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Firewind announced their European tour that kicks off on November 9th at Wolverhampton and concludes, at least at the moment, on the 25th of the same month in Breda, the Netherlands.. During the summer the band has confirmed its presence in two festivals, Grasspop in Belgium and Ostrava Festivan in the Czech Republic. At the moment no dates in Greece are announced, where the band haven't yet performed with the new singer, Henning Basse... at the same time the band is working on new material for its new album that is expected later in the year. Meanwhile, Gus G is touring the States promoting his second solo album "Brand New Revolution"  with a band that features Rob Rock (of Impelliteri) on vocals and  Patrick Johansson (ex-WASP, Yngwie Malmsteen) on drums & Taylor Nordberg (bass) both from The Absence.

Here are the upcoming FIREWIND dates announced so far:
FIREWIND – Live 2016:
09.11.2016 Wolverhampton (UK) - Slade Rooms           
10.11.2016 Glasgow (UK) -Audio           
11.11.2016 Manchester (UK) - Club Academy    
12.11.2016 Sheffield (UK) - Corporation            
13.11.2016 London (UK) - Underworld   
15.11.2016 Vosselaar (Belgium) - Biebob          
16.11.2016 Paris           (France) - Petit Bain
18.11.2016 Aschaffenburg (Germany) - Colos-Saal        
20.11.2016 Budapest  (Hungary) - A38   
21.11.2016 München (Germany) - Feierwerk       
22.11.2016 Vienna (Austria) - Szene       
24.11.2016 Bochum (Germany) - Matrix/Rockpalast       
25.11.2016 Breda (The Netherlands) - Mezz
FIREWIND – European Festivals 2016:
17.06.2016 Dessel (Belgium) - Graspop Metal Meeting
06.08.2016 Ostrava (Czech Republic)  - Ostrava v Plamenech

GUS G. – Live 2016:
13.04.2016 Daytona Beach, FL - Bank & Blues Club
15.04.2016 Rock Island, IL - RIBCO
16.04.2016 Westland, MI - Token Lounge
17.04.2016 Bradley, IL - The Looney Bin
19.04.2016 Clifton, NJ - Dingbatz
20.04.2016 Ottawa, Canada - Brass Monkey
21.04.2016 Toronto, Canada - The Rockpile
22.04.2016 Long Branch, NJ - The Brighton Bar
23.04.2016 Manchester, NH - Jewel
24.04.2016 Elmhurst, NY - Blackthorne 51

As usual the biggest open air festival in the world, Wacken Open Air, announced the first bands for next year as this year’s festival is coming to an end. Firewind is part of the lineup for 2018, for their first time ever, along with Nigthwish, Running Wild, Doro, Arch Enemy, Dirkschneider, In Extremo, Sepulura, Amorphis, Epica, Watain, Korkator, Belphegor, Desert Fear, Bannkreis, which are the first confirmed acts. The dates for next year’s Wacken is 2-4 August, while more than 150 bands artists will be joining. Pre-sale begins tonight at midnight (Sunday, August 6th) and unfortunately is going to sold out within hours… here’s an official video trailer to warm things up!

Σιγά που δεν θα το γέμιζαν Παρασκευόβραδο! Εδώ το τίγκαραν Πέμπτη, με τις απεργίες και όλα αυτά τα σκατά… Απόψε ήταν η επίσημη επιβεβαίωση. Το συγκρότημα των FireWind άλωσε θριαμβευτικά την Αθήνα μας και της Αθήνας μας της άρεσε πολύ…

Firewind released a new song from their upcoming eigth album, “Immortals”, which is out on Janusry 20th and it’s theme is the war against Persians in ancient Greece. us stated about the song and the video: "As many of you have found out by now, our new album 'Immortals' is a concept and focusing on the battles of Thermopylae and Salamis. The song 'Ode To Leonidas' is obviously about the legendary warrior King of Sparta and his heroic battle with his 300 brave men against the massive Persian army invaders.

"For the production of the clip, we traveled to Belgrade, Serbia and filmed with iCode team (same team that directed my solo video 'The Quest' and so many other great bands) and we're really amazed by the end result. It's truly epic! We hope you will enjoy too. Heavy metal fans — unite!"

12 Dec


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The news that Apollo was to release a solo album was rather sudden, but it turned out to be a very pleasant surprise since “Waterdevild” is an amazing album. What was that led the singer to come up with the decision to launch a solo album on his own? In a great chat with Apollo he answers all our questions and we learn a lot about his solo album, who is in it, his future plans, as well as his relations with his ex-band Firewind. Interview: Yiannis Dolas

30 Jan


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Firewind make a double return since they release their first album since 2012 and they go back to their familiar style, having made a temporary diversion with “Few Against Many”, with a new singer, German Henning Basse. Gus G talks to about choosing Basse, the return to the band’s sound, “Immortals” Greek concept, the first time Firewind work with an outsider and more. Finally, he promises that Firewind will play at their home country… can’t wait for that! Interview: Yiannis Dolas

Sky Guitar met ESP, and the master met the best student. The deep, warm and passionate voice met the absolute metal and the generation that refuses to retire gathered with the younger one to show the road that will never follow, since nowadays that road is a high speed interstate. All that happened in one of the most historical venues in Athens, “Kyttaro”, last Tuesday.

16 Jun


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According to Gus G Firewind has already entered Noise Factory Studios in Belgium with Denis Ward on production to begin working on their next album, beginning from tracking the drums. "We're super excited about it, as this is our first recording in four years, plus this will be our first album with our new singer Henning Basse” said the guitarist. Gus added: "as the schedule is pretty hectic for the next few months with recordings, finalizing everything, etc. we feel we need time to have a proper setup for the album release and give it the attention it deserves. Therefore, we have decided to postpone our U.K./European club dates to early 2017. However, Firewind will play their summer dates as scheduled, including the show in Athens, Greece opening for the Scorpions.


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