The heavy / stoner scene of Greece, has gone to another level during the last five years regarding the very good releases and the large audiences attending the concerts of the local bands, as well.1000mods is a very important part of the history that is being written and “Repeated exposure to …”, the third album of their career, is the one that establishes them and fulfills all the expectations we have of them. Heavy riffs, power, volume, fuzz guitars and psychedelic trips. They show great improvement in songwriting and beginning with “Above 179” the listener will get easily hooked by the concrete riff and will sing the chorus: “We are the dogs that live in despair, we are the gods the kings of nowhere”.

“Loose” is sneaky and right after the rolling of the drums, it will start banging “normally” with the vocals of Dani and the repetitive riff leading to another super chorus.

“Electric Carve” is the most aggressive song of the album, written to provoke panic and moshing during their live shows, while “The Son” is my personal favorite and the most bluesy moment of the album. After the mere satisfying “A.W.”, the Sabbath-like “On a Stone” will follow and the hippie-stoner “Groundhog day”. The finale is ideal with the trippy (and heavy) “Into the spell”.

As a reward, “Piraeus Academy” was a sold out show in January.

They rule!