$10,000 for a Misfits 7inch single


According to Discogs the most expensive item sold in January was a 7-inch single by the Misifts.

The disc features “Cough/Cool” on side A and “She” on Side B. It was released in 1977 and only 500 copies were made available.

Also, this was the only recording released with drummer Manny Martinez, who was quickly replaced by Mr.Jim.

On the record sleeve, the band’s bassist’s name, Jerry Caiafa, was misspelled, which led him to give the instructions, whenever credit information were needed, “Jerry, only Jerry”. Hence the nickname that follows him to this day, Jerry Only.

The $10,877, that a Misfits fan paid to buy the 7inch, was the highest amount of cash spent in Discogs for the month of January.