1000Mods release theire new video “Warped”


PRESS RELEASE: “Warped” is the third official video released by 1000mods from their latest album, “Youth of Dissent”, which was released on April 24.

A year after the completion of the production of the album, it comes to mark a special “anniversary” of creative isolation in a dystopian environment, where only music seems to be able to save the world! The album was produced by the legendary Matt Bayles, known for his work with Isis, Mastodon, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Botch, while the recordings took place at Litho Studio (owned by the legend Stone Gossard, a founding member of Pearl Jam, Temple of the Dog, Mother Love Bone and Green River) and London Bridge Studio (where Pearl Jam’s “Ten” was recorded, as well as most of Alice in Chains’s discography and the legendary Soundgarden debut, among many others).

Directors Tassos Goletsos and Giorgos Argyropoulos, spent several hours with the band in the studio of 1000mods, which is also the main protagonist of the videoclip, state: “The isolation within the 4 walls of the studio, for the creation of their latest album, resulted in a lockdown, travel restrictions and a ban on concerts, by law. Together with the 1000mods we tried to convey this strange feeling they had in their head, experiencing a distorted reality, reflecting what the guys experienced for almost 12 months. So, it was the psychograph of an entire year in a clip!”

With common references to the ’90s (shot with a mini DV camera in multi forma), the paranoia of horror movies with social implications and the unprecedented conditions of inclusion, “Warped” comes at the right time to crank up the volume on our speakers. “Space and time as we know it may be warped, but we will not let them distort (warp) history and facts about man’s need for real freedom without masters and rulers, let alone to warp our lives”.