Ricky Warwick announced the release of two solo albums in the same package on February 26th via Nuclear Blast.

“While we were working on the new BSR album, I just got into a very productive song writing zone. The songs just kept coming and coming”, said Warwick. But, since many of these tracks would not be at home on a Black Star Riders album, he decided to record and release these albums as a solo project which will have its hard rock side on the CD “When Patsy Cline Was Crazy (And Guy Mitchell Sang The Blues)” and its acoustic on the other CD “Hearts On Trees”. It was also announced that there are going to be some special guests on the album none other than Joe Elliott (Def Leppard), Damon Johnson (Thin Lizzy/Black Star Riders), Andy Cairns (Therapy?), Billy Morrison (Billy Idol), Nathan Connolly (Snow Patrol), Ginger Wildheart, Jake Burns (Stiff Little Fingers), Richard Fortus (Guns & Roses/Dead Daisies). Except from the double album Ricky Warwick will also tour with his solo project in February supporting the Stiff Little Fingers on their UK tour. His solo band will be comprised of Black Star Riders’ bassist, Robbie Krane, guitarist Mark Gemini Thwaite (The Mission) and drummer Gary Sullivan, who also recorded the albums. As for their name? Ricky Warwick & The Fighting Hearts.