3 Doors Down – Time Of My Life

3 Doors Down, one of the most commercially successful bands of the other side of the Atlantic, releases its fifth studio album and openly challenges such outfits as Nickelback (still waiting for the successor of the excellent “Dark Horse”) and Alter Bridge. Having already granted huge sales from their previous records, the American new rockers comes up with their best material yet! This is definitely their “rockier” musical effort –without diminishing their trademark, radio friendly elements- and the band shows a clear intention to display both their up tempo and the slower songs.
Without any sign of exaggeration, all the songs could be potential singles (and that says it all, especially if you take into consideration the fact that 3 Doors Down hasn’t lost anything from their past glory). I must also add that “Time of my Life” is best enjoyed while driving on an open highway…after all, the lyrics push you towards that direction!
Highlight: Pick up the digi pack edition for bonus material…