Localy known for the energy and passion in their live shows, as well as Fofi’s amazing vocal abilities, 4Bitten release their second album that manages to capture the identity of the band even better than their debut, “No More Sins”.

The band grooves with powerful, smart, driving riffs that set the tone for the entire album, keeping the listener’s interest alive until they attack with “Live 4 Today”, “Far From Grace”, “Through The Fire”, and “Waiting For Tomorrow”, that closes the album. These four are the best tracks of a strong album that shatters bones with the foursome’s exceptional performance. Thanks to their roles Fofi Roussou and George Maroulis stand out for the vocals that are grainy, warm, and edgy all in one, and the guitar work with sharp ideas and dominant solos.

The performance is very good, like on their first album, but I think that it’s more polished on this one, and even cleaner so that it lets the bands’ talent, and hard work shine even more. 4Bitten put down a documented proof of their worth as a band that led them sign a worldwide record deal, play abroad and brought them into the league of bands that enhance the Greek rock export.