69 Eyes – West End


This is the best album of the 69 Eyew by Angels and Devils …

It’s heavier, faster and completely to the point. Could this be because of maturity? Or maybe experience? What’s for sure is that their inspiration hit the red! All the pieces are good, without the slightest suspicion of a filler. There is also a pervasive energy with quite fast songs, short in duration, but also the inevitable classic mid tempo gothic rockers, a mystical atmosphere, plenty of darkness and great guitars. Add to that a few innovations, such as the extreme vocal courtesy of Cradle Of Filth’s Dani Filth on “Two Horns Up” and some thrashing riffs that I never expected to hear on a 69 Eyes album. Featuring Wednesday 13’s and Calico Cooper’s daughter of Alice the Great, “West End” is also breaking the record of special guests in a single album album by the Finns.

Jyrki sounds like a real lord of darkness with his lyrical melancholy style. A creepy narrator in an epic horror story. The production is crystal clear and the result is great and I’m sure it will excite their fans watching them maintain such a high level after 11 albums. Trully, that’s 69 Eyes at their best.