Saxon wrote and recorded seven songs for their next album that’s expected in 2018 according to Biff Byford’s interview on Metal Voice. “We’ve recorded seven songs already. I finished the vocals just before we came to the US. We’ve actually got three or four more songs, but I think we’re going to write three more for the album. We’ll rent a studio when we’re on festivals and then we’ll write some songs.” Biff adds: “It’s being recorded with Andy Sneap. He’s gone off to do Judas Priest while we’re here. In September, we’ll be finished with that, hopefully. It will be out in 2018 – maybe January.” One of the new tracks is titled “Nosferatu” and another one, which is actually a tribute to Lemmy, “The Played Rock’n’Roll”. Finally, he reveals: “On the next album, we’re maybe going to do a duet with somebody who’s quite hardcore.”