Dokken frontman Don Dokken was recently interviewed by the WSOU radio station and spoke largely about the group’s follow up to the Broken Bones album released back in 2012. Although Dokken‘s next studio album does not yet have a release date, Don Dokken did reveal that he has two other releases in the works for the summer of 2019.
“For now, it looks like I might have two records coming out, worst-case scenario, for the summer, which will be my solo acoustic album, ‘Solitary’, which I might rename,” he said. “I’ve added three more songs to it. My solo album will be coming out for the summer. We’re trying to get out another album, which is kind of fun. It’s gonna be songs recorded in the ’70s when I was a little pup in my early 20s. And I have 12 songs that I haven’t released. So we’re gonna go in and remaster them and all that, and I might put out that record for the summer, if we can’t make the release date, and call it something like ‘Dokken: The Early Days’ or ‘Dokken: The Lost Tapes’, or something like that. ‘Cause it was just an accident. I was cleaning out my locker and I found a bunch of master tapes from ’77 to ’79. And I said, ‘What the heck are these?’ And it turns out it was all these demos I did in the early ’70s, before we had a record deal.”
He continued: “The solo album, I made it several years ago and I put it on the Internet and sold maybe a thousand copies. And I pulled it on iTunes. It’s acoustic. It’s a departure. It’s more ethereal. I call it the kind of music you wanna listen to having a glass of wine and a candle burning. And it’s kind of gonna be along the lines of some of the Robert Plant acoustic albums he did. So, that’s been done for years. And I added three more songs, so it’s twelve. So right now, I’m just doing the artwork on that, getting it ready for the summer. And if we can get this early-days Dokken album [ready as well]. It’s kind of fun record. My voice sounds a lot younger. I listen to it, and I go, ‘God, I sound like I’ve got helium in my voice.’ I was 23 years old. I sound like Mickey Mouse. We’re gonna put that out, for sure.”