Joe Satriani says that “it’s unfortunate” that Ritchie Blackmore would say anything negative about his guitar playing.
The CHICKENFOOT guitarist, who played with DEEP PURPLE after Blackmore decided to leave the band for good in 1993, made the remark in response to an apparently two-decade-old interview with Ritchie which was posted earlier this month in audio format on the current RAINBOW leader’s official YouTube channel. In that interview, Ritchie referred to Satriani as “a brilliant player” but criticized him for “never really searching for notes” or “playing a wrong note.” Blackmore added: “If you’re always playing the correct notes, there’s something wrong — you’re not searching, you’re not reaching for anything.”
During an appearance on the latest installment of the “Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon”, Satriani was asked for his reaction to Blackmore’s comments.
“Well, it’s unfortunate when somebody that you look up to has something negative to say about you,” Joe said. “So that part will always hurt. I wouldn’t hide my feelings about that.