BMG announced the release of a documentary on Ronnie James Dio. This is a part of the company’s project of music docs that have already been released about David Crosby, Joan Jett, Trojan Recirds, as well as the highest grossing music documentary of 2019, “Echo In The Canyon”. The as-yet-untitled film will include rare archival footage and photos from his personal archives. Dio’s wife and manager Wendy will have the role of executive producer. Kathy Rivkin Daum, Executive Producer, BMG, said, “We are incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to partner with artists to tell their stories on the big screen. Dio, a larger than life rock hero, whose music means so much to millions of fans worldwide, deserves nothing less. The story behind his passion, ambition, and the highs and lows of success, in the rock and metal worlds, is something audiences have never seen before and won’t soon forget. We are honored to partner with Wendy on this incredible journey celebrating Ronnie’s life and work.”


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