A Forest Of Stars – Grave Mounds And Grave Mistakes


This is kinda tough. It’s not the easiest thing to write a review about an album like this, because if you try to analyze each song, you will end up with an essay. The Brits, continue to release something every two-three years and this is their fifth full-length.

A Forest Of Stars is a psychedelic black metal band, that has a remarkable quality in their albums. Without being the biggest fan of them, I can’t but admit the great work they are doing in the compositions. The opening “Precipice Pirouette” for example (I don’t count the intro) has so many different elements in it and yet it doesn’t sound like a mess despite the ten minutes length. Fast riffing in certain points, theatrical vocals, violin, great melodies, acoustic breaks and excellent atmosphere. Something like that happens in the rest of the album, that exceeds one hour of running time as usual, with the songs being between five and ten minutes.

“Children Of The Night Soil” is also a terrific track, with main element the blast beast but towards the end the speed is lowered and the violin creates a haunting melody. Also, “Taken By The Sea” is showing an entirely different face, as the electricity steps aside to make an atmospheric song driven by the voice of Katheryne, Queen Of Ghosts (cool nick). I could mention other tracks, but as I said before, there are many lines needed to describe each one.

Weird rhythms, many different aspects, lots of musical instruments (keyboards, piano, violin, flute, percussion) and of course the bizarre vocals of Mister Curse (even if the black metal tone has been clearly altered compared to their past) compose an album with great variety that keeps you interested, even if it’s hard to “get it” from the first time, as it requires to be listened a lot. For those of you who are looking for strange and unconventional music, discover them.

For The Fans Of: Oranssi Pazuzu, Arcturus, Hail Spirit Noir