A Lucky Leppard Fan – David Allen


I guess you don’t have to be a genius to realize what this book is all about, right? This is the journey of a Def Leppard fan who decided to put down in paper some of his most treasured memories regarding Sheffield’s finest band. In this 40-year journey, David Allen got to know a couple of people who shared the same passion with him, forged friendships and last but certainly not least got to meet his idols. As a matter of fact, he reached a point where this encounter with various Def Leppard members has turned into something more personal, especially with founding members Joe Elliott and Rick Savage.

It goes without saying that this book is addressed mainly to the die hard Leppard fan and collector who will have the chance to read fascinating stories but at the same time may relate emotionally with some of them. In addition and upon purchasing the book, one can take a good look at some custom made collector’s items that are sometimes approved by the band but also will view some rare items like the limited edition CD single of “Animal”, the box set of “Adrenalize”, the first edition of the 1978 EP…talking about a lucky Leppard fan or what?

Personally, I keep the fact that Allen shares his journey with a couple of good friends –a priceless asset, if you ask me- and that he started this journey in music with one of my all-time favorite records, “Down To Earth” by Rainbow.

“A Lucky Leppard Fan” is an emotional statement of some personal experiences. Naturally we have read more detailed books in the past regarding the mighty Def Leppard. But that’s not the purpose of this book. This is a collection of snapshots of a 40-year journey. What lacks in details makes it up in passion or more accurately in Def Leppard passion. “A Lucky Leppard Fan” is definitely a …Book Of Ages!

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