Metal Wani editor in chief Owais “Vitek” Nabi recently conducted an interview with guitarist Wolf Hoffmann of German/American metallers ACCEPT. An excerpt follows:
Wolf: “Not at all, because the solo stuff that I’m doing is all based on classical music. Just like the first album that I did, it’s all existing classical melodies that I just metal up and just sort of rearrange as metal instrumentls. One has really nothing to do with the other, and there’s no overlap. And I’ve never felt like I have a ton of ideas that I couldn’t use with ACCEPT, because Peter [Baltes, bass] and I, we are the heart of the band, and everything we wanna out out, we do. If it’s right for the band, we will, but there’s not a ton of… You know, I don’t have any other side projects other than this classical thing. [But the new solo album] is actually in the can, it’s delivered to the label [Nuclear Blast], and it will see the light of day sometime this year, probably towards the summer. This new one will actually be a lot more metal than the first one I made, which was more of a studio production, no strings, and not as big of a production as this one. It will maybe even surprise a few people how heavy it is. And even though it’s classical music, yeah, but some of it is quite heavy, yeah.”