A.O.R. – The Colors of L.A.

The recipe is pretty simple for the French musician Frederic Slama who all these years has delivered some excellent album under the project of A.O.R…all you need is inspired compositions and distinguished guests. I am sure that you don’t need any special tips in regards with what A.O.R. plays…after all, the band’s name and the album’s title indicate some really concrete clues, don’t they? If you want to be true to your melodic roots, you write some excellent west coast tunes with the necessary references to the city of angels.

“The Colors of L.A.” is an absolute flawless effort with well-crafted songs and the distinguished guests adding some much needed nowadays classy taste to the overall project. Just mark a few names: Philip Bardowell, Tommy Denander, Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve Lukather, David Foster, Randy Goodrum, Michael Landau…come to think about it, I am sure that I would persuade each and everyone of you if I would only mention the names of the guests.

The two instrumental compositions that close the album are by far the standout moments as the saxophone takes us on a journey on the other side of the Atlantic. A brilliant A.O.R. album by…A.O.R.!

Highlight: AOR BLVD Records is doing so far a remarkable and essential job in promoting excellent AOR music…