Eddie Van Halen

We are still trying to process the whole thing and get over the shock of the news of Eddie Van Halen’s death. The legendary guitarist passed away at the age of 65 and the music world is at loss and definitely poorer! Eddie was not a man of many words and pompous statements. Instead, he let his guitar do the talkin’ and what a talkin’ that was! By doing so, he made millions of people happy and as a fitting tribute we collected five favorite moments of his long and illustrious career. R.I.P., Guitar God!

#5: “Poundcake” – The video-clip with Eddie starting the riff with a…black & decker in the colors of his famous guitar and Alex crushing the cymbals marked permanently the early 90s image of the hard rock world. Adding that the guitar solo was out of this planet would surely be an understatement…

#4: “Panama” – “1984” might have had the famous hit single “Jump” but the best cut on that record was “Panama”. Eddie’s smile and Diamond Dave’s over the top performance stole the show!

#3: “Dreams” – Sammy comes, David goes and Eddie makes a turn into a more melodic sound. The final result of “5150” was more than successful and the chemistry between Sammy and Eddie is unparalleled.


#2: “Ain’t Talkin’ About Love” – Quite probably my favorite ever song by Van Halen. Eddie’s riff stick permanently like a glue to your mind while Diamond Dave gives a hell of a performance. If I had to choose just one single song by Van Halen, this would be the one!

#1: “Eruption” – I am sure that you didn’t expect any other song on the top spot, right? In 1.42 minute the world is changed permanently and Eddie inspires millions of up and coming musicians to pick up a guitar and try to be the next Eddie Van Halen.

Sakis Nikas