Abyssus/Cursed Blood @Temple


“Those of the unholy…”

Hard rock and especially extreme metal music is interwoven with the stage, with the live performance, playing for crazy dedicated metalheads that attend the shows to take and give pure energy that comes directly from the band on stage. On Saturday (February 26) we had the chance to experience the blasting performance of two top class greek death metal bands, ABYSSUS on the presentation of their latest release and CURSED BLOOD that was the opening act…

I arrived at the venue at 21:00 and I was surprised that many fans were already inside, drinking beers, buying stuff from bands’ merchandise and having fun, all the these small things we like to do on Saturday night. With a small delay the first band that got on stage was CURSED BLOOD, the special guests of Abyssus who were invited to warm up the night. They were thirsty for a metal concerts as much as the fans, that’s why they had that look in the eye!

Their setlist was based on tracks from the demo “Taker of Life” but also on some new unreleased tracks that most probably we would hear soon on a new album. They had that old school death metal attitude that took by the hand the thirsty fans that seemed to enjoy every moment. Although they are a new band they have members with experience on other great bands so it wasn’t really a surprise that the fans seemed to be familiar with their work and their death n roll style that is close to early Entombed along with some hardcore burst and angry growls.

set list:

flaying tyrants / the world of madness / subject of chaos / cold conqueror / triumphant doom / sodomic damnation / nailed / backlash rampage

After an unnecessary long break the time has come to see the headliners of the night. ABYSSUS got on stage ready to present their new great album “Death Revival” that was released a few weeks ago, an album that has already received some great reviews and I’m sure it’s gonna be classic. The timing was great for the band too as they haven’t hit the stage due to covid the last two years so they were fully energetic.

With ABYSSUS there was no fan that didn’t know what to expect, old school death metal in the way old masters like Obituary did it in the past, a bit more fast and furious. The band was impressive like every time I see them live and their set list was a nice blending of the new songs along with classics from their previous works. Chris and Panos were great on guitar riffing, rhythm section was a killer and of course the brutal vocals of Analytis. The cover of Evil Dead towards the end was the icing on the cake. Hell yeah, only death is real…

video ABYSSUS live:

set list:

metal of death / the ten commandment / enthrone the insase / sacrifice / uncertain future / the witch / echoes of desolation / intent to kill / the beast within / unleash the storm / summon the dead / when wolves are out / genocide / into the abyss / evil dead / those of the unholy

® text/photos/video: Konstantinos Mindcrimek Vlachos