AC/DC – Live At River Plate

I’m still trying to comprehend the reason this c.d. was released a whole year after the respective DVD. Should things happen the other way around, one could easily assume it’s all about marketing. However, this specific situation doesn’t seem understandable.
Anyway, this is the audio material off the supergroup’s live gig at the River Plate stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina in December 2009 during the Black Ice Tour.
Recording and filming a live AC/DC album in that area was not random, by far! Even in audio one can sense the energy of that crowd. Concerning quality and performance, I don’t think there is any need for a report…
For those haven’t yet watched the DVD, they can check out the “Shoot To Thrill” video, which was shot there, in order to get an idea about the concept.
However, I insist that the best way to release such is to do it with a CD/DVD package. It would have definitely been a more appealing proposal, regardless the fact we are talking about one of the best bands ever.