It’s impossible to listen to a new AC/DC album and not feel certain things. You can’t avoid the excitement, the adrenaline rush and your arms, legs and head tuning to Angus’ guitar. You might even start duck-walking not paying attention how weak, or indifferent the songs may be. Even though you know that this is never going to replace the place in your heart you keep for “Back In Black”, or “Highway To Hell”, it’s still AC/DC and you can’t imagine the world without them!

“Rock Or Bust” is definitely not their best album so far, but it ain’t the worst either. Maybe, if “Black Ice” was never released, it might have sounded better. But, since you can never talk hypothetically about those matters we must comply to the idea that what we will remember from AC/DC’s 16th album is a decent effort, nothing more and nothing less than that.
Surely, Malcolm’s absence, who had to retire from music due to his serious health problems, played an important role according to Brian Johnson, and to commons sense since he’s been the backbone of the band. Perhaps, that’s the reason that this one is the shortest album in their career clocking at even under 35 minutes.
Of course, when we talk about AC/DC, it’s not a regular band that we’re talking, but a synonym to rock’n’roll, one of the most important flag bearers of our favorite music with a huge mainstream appeal, and five guys who still pack stadiums. So, no matter what album they release they’re going to play ball in the tour that will follow where songs like the self-titled, “Play Ball”, “Rock The Blues Away” and “Dogs Of War” will find their way to the stage.

So, we let’s hope that this is not going to be their last album, and that they will come back to Greexe for another show!