Martin Kahan

Martin Kahan lost a long battle with cancer on July 18th in Lakewood, NJ. He was 74.

“In his final years in Lakewood, Kahan never stopped theorizing about country music’s gradual downsizing of its promo video output, and how he could work his way back into the fold.” έχασε τη μάχη με τον καρκίνο στα 74 του στο Lakewood του New Jersey”, said his friend and CEO of Yidstock Ventures.

Kahan’s most famous music rock videos are KISS’ first ever music video featuring the band without makeup, for songs “Lick It Up” and“All Hell’s Breaking Loose”, “In And Out Of Love” and “She Don’t Know Me” by Bon Jovi, “Too Young To Fall In Love” by Motley Crue and of course “Tom Sawyer”, “Freewill” and “Limelight” by Rush.