Gene Simmons revealed that he wrote two songs with ex-KISS guitarist, Ace Frehley, for the latters’ next solo album. “He asked me to write for his next solo record. So I went over to his place, way out in the desert some place, and we wrote two things”, told Simmons to radio station 92 KQRS Minnesota when he was asked if there’s a chance for KISS to write a new album. “Well, I suppose at some point. But literally two days ago I was with Ace and we wrote two songs”, that’s how the revelation came up. For the enthusiasts who might jump to the conclusion that this might signal a KISS reunion we should remind that Paul Stanley earliest this in year in February said that there is no chance at all for Ace to return to the band’s lineup. Like Simmons, Stanley also worked with Ace on his last solo album “Origins Vol.1” in 2015.