A while back, Rockpages.gr was honored to receive an invitation for the prerelease listening session of Macedon at Music House Studios. This very first encounter with the material had led to some useful conclusions and introduced us to most of the album characteristics. The album was finally released a few months ago through the Greek Metalfighters label and what remained to be confirmed was if that first impression would last or shift towards any direction.

Since that very day I remained pretty confident that the immediacy of the compositions combined with its ingredients would not let these fine first impressions fade. On the contrary, the relaxed and detailed spins that followed added extra points to the whole result. Macedon is a release that honors the term Classic Greek heavy metal, a description that doesn’t only indicate origin but also encloses a certain sonic compass. It generates nostalgia, a 90s aura, back to the days when there was a thriving Greek metal scene with its very own identity. A nostalgic listen for sure but definitely not stale or dated since it has a contemporary approach without sounding fake, plastic or sterile.

Within the first days of the release of Macedon, the band received various propositions for festival appearances abroad, sharing the stage with famous bands of the scene. This surely indicates that these guys created something special. Achelous are more active than ever and I am sure that we are not going to wait that long for a successor.