Achelous – Northern Winds


Beloved Athenian band Achelous decided to bridge the gap between Macedon and its successor with the Northern Winds EP which also acts as a commemorative release for the 10 year anniversary since the band’s formation. The brand new same titled composition is accompanied by three live cuts recorded from various gigs (Macedon, Myrmidons and Warriors With Wings) as well as reimagined and rerecorded version of The River God taken from the Al Iskandar demo. Live performances are the band’s strongest point and these three recordings manage to channel part of the energy the band emanates when on stage. The sound is more than decent. The River God is definitely upgraded and more professional in its overall delivery so the whole effort is totally justified. Last but not least, the new track which is also a preview for the upcoming second album titled “The Icewind Chronicles”. An epic metal tune in a mid-tempo pattern that doesn’t deviate from the style introduced in Macedon. An appetizer that left me hungry for more so let’s hope that it won’t be long till the release of the album and the much anticipated concerts to support it!