Achelous – The Icewind Chronicles


The second Achelous album is finally out! The Athenian quintet kept the promise given one year back with the Northern Winds EP and released the long awaited Icewind Chronicles through No Remorse Records. The successor of Macedon is a solid album on all accounts. Its delivery might as well be a step higher than its predecessor while composition wise there seems to be even greater pluralism mostly in terms of arrangements and song structures. The ace up Achelous sleeve is once again the ability to produce catchy songs that urge the listener to play the whole album again and again. Personally I grew fond of Flames of War and Savage King, a fiery duo that earwormed its way to my brain and stayed there. Musically-wise they don’t drift away from their established style which is of course epic heavy metal with an unmistakeable Greek brand. The next act will take place in venues both in Greece and abroad since the stage is the favorite place for Achelous and I know first-hand that the band is eager to take the album to the masses.