Acid Death is without a doubt one of the oldest death metal bands in Greece. They formed early in the 90s and for a full decade they made themselves known amongst European fans. Now the Athenians are back, after a twelve year hiatus. The band’s main man Savvas Betinis along with Dennis Kostopoulos recruited two new members and recorded their newest album called “Eidolon”.

Their latest release is pretty close to their 90’s release. Powerful drumming, some atonal riffs, great prog cuts which reminded me of Psychotic Waltz.  The songs the four veterans have composed go from American thrash to classical Panter-ish heavy metal. The production makes the guitars more edge and puts the grunts in the front.

“Convict 655321” is a great example of how carefully the songs are composed. Great riff with the vocals really fitting to it as do most riffs in the album. There are songs like the self titled that have a lot of technical parts, “Blind Reflection” has a more thrash feeling and songs with great groove like “Crossing the Line”. The songs are either built on a main riff with lots of changes in the drumming pattern, or vice versa.

This is a great comeback from the Athenians with lots of alternations in the riffs and the tempos. A good presentation of the band’s skills after a 10-year absence. Let’s hope the next time we hear from this band we won’t be that long. They have the abilities to create good albums in the future.