It was the year 2014 when Dace “I Am The Light” Mustaine saw once again two members of his band leaving. Christ Broderick (guitars) and Shawn Drover (drums) didn’t stay long without doing anything new, so with the help of Matthew Bachand (Shadows Fall – bass) and Henry Derek Bonner (Thrown Into Exile – vocals), Act Of Defiance was born. One year after, they released their debut album.

Their style could be characterized as melodic death/thrash metal, mostly due to Bonner’s aggressive vocals. Broderick is excellent in his duties, after all he is one of the best guitarists worldwide. Killer riffs, clever solos and melodies that combine perfectly together. Some riffs also reminded me of Slayer. The production is fantastic, in which we find the names of Broderick and Chris “Zeuss” Harris behind it. The artwork and logo are designed by Van Williams and the album cover by Travis Smith.

In general, Act Of Defiance’s first attempt in the metal scene gave us a very good album with songs like “Thy Lord Belial”, “Throwback”, “Disastrophe” and “Crimson Psalm” being the best in this album. Listen to it and you will not regret it.