Adrenaline Mob – Coverta





Do you remember the time by the end of the ‘90s when tribute albums were popping like mushrooms (and on most of them Bruce Kulick was playing)? Or, a couple of years ago when supergroups became fashionable again (no, Bruce didn’t take part in any of them, it’s too early!)? Well, it seems that the new trend is recording cover EP’s! You don’t have to come up with new material, you don’t need too many songs, and you don’t have to learn how to play new material… you just get your band in a room, bring on some beers and throw ideas about possible songs, and within an afternoon you have your tracklist ready. From then on there is two ways to record a cover, play the song exactly as the original, and change the shit out of it. Adrenaline Mob although not lacking on talent, or abilities are leaning more towards the first choice!

After we give them some credit for choosing “High Wire” originally by Badlands, that is sure is a surprise of a choice to cover, we’ve got “Stand Up And Shout” that the beginning is so identical to Dio’s version that for a moment you think that you’ve put on “The Last In Line”. Then, “Break On Through” differs a bit from the original being heavier, “Romeo’s Delight” maintains the fast pace, gains some weight, but Russel Allen, a by all means exceptional singer, can’t cut it on Diamond Dave’s style of singing. Because, of course Allen is a better singer than Roth, but the song was written especially for Van Halen’s frontman style. The “Whole Lotta Love” bit is welcome, as well as the references to “Top Jimmy” showing, except that they are fans, that when there is imagination something great can come out. Likewise on “Barracuda” where they don’t change the song at all, but Russel Alen is kicking ass! And what can we say about “Kill The King” with Orlando on guitars getting close to Ritchie, again without any alterations from the original. But then again what can you change on a masterpiece such as this? Zeppelin’s “Lemon Song” is interesting and pretty cool to listen to Allen’s voice in a more bluesy atmosphere. Finally, it’s a shame that they put again “Mob Rules” here, which was also included on their fist EP…
Conclusion? Except that the guys are super Dio fans, with three songs of the great singer on this EP, they surely had a good time recording this batch of songs without even sweating. “Coverta” is fun, and it’s not going to make you feel bored, but neither will impress you, since the band members’ capabilities are well known. What we are still waiting to see is an original album that equals those capabilities, because in my opinion their debut failed to do so.