Aeonian Sorrow is the new project of Gogo Melone, who wrote all the music and lyrics. Really impressive. Probably due to the long inactive status of Luna Obscura (check out the amazing “Feltia” of 2008), the Greek artist creates a devastating album and recruits three musicians from Finland and one from Colombia in order to form the final line-up. Alejandro Lotero (Exgenesis – vocals), Taneli Jämsä (Red Moon Architect, Ghost Voyage – guitars), Saku Moilanen (Red Moon Architect – drums) and Pyry Hansky (Gloria Morti, Red Moon Architect, ex-Black Sun Aeon – bass) did a really great job.

As someone might figure out, this is an atmospheric doom/death metal album that gains your attention from the start and keeps you with it until the end, for almost one hour. Slow, melancholic, with excellent songwriting, it remains true to its goal. To put the listener to an intense emotional journey. The tempo stays low all the time and in the cases of “Thanatos Kyrie” and “Ave End” it drops even lower, to funeral doom levels. Also, amazing vocal work as the growls of Alejandro are combined perfectly with the ethereal voice of Gogo, giving the amazing lyrics the voice they deserve.

Excellent job on the recording of the album, as their drummer is responsible for producing, mixing and mastering it. The beautiful cover (and artwork) was handled by the multi-talented Gogo, a graphic designer who her work can be seen in dozens of metal bands. “Into The Eternity A Moment We Are” (what a great title) is an album that the fans of this sound will find something that will keep them company for a long, long time. Also, anyone can listen to it for free from their official YouTube account. On my list, this is one of the best releases of this year and “Memory Of Love” with “Forever Misery” from the greatest songs. Impeccable.

For The Fans Of: Draconian, Swallow The Sun