Hurricane “Aerosmith” blew Donington away last June and the evidence was recorded by a dozen of cameras, cranes, stedicam, a few hundreds of cell phones that proves once more what this huge band is made of.

With no props whatsoever, no pyros or other aids, just the five of them on stage giving everything they got for a bit less than two hours stroming through a best of setlist that sets the Brits’ mobile devices on fire bombing social media with photos, selfies, videos and the lot. Their entrance is powerful with “Train Kept’ A Rollin” followed by “Eat The Rich”. Tyler is dressed in white with his scarves reaching the floor, while the other Toxic Twin, Joe Perry, wears black and both of them stroll down the catwalk back and forth whereas the other three Kramer-Whitford-Hamilton stay on the background.

The first time we can hear the crowd, that goes back as long the eye can see, scream is on “Love In An Elevator”, while that is repeated several times and it climaxes on “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” where even the rocks of Donnington sing along! Perry handles lead vocals on “Freedom Figher” from their recent “Music From Another Dimension”, while they even pay a tribute to the Fab Four with “Come Together” right before they finish up with their biggest greatest hits  “Walk This Way”, Dream On”.

This is a very enjoyable DVD to watch with the band in great shape and the crowd ecstatic and wild, just like we’ve seen them play in Greece a few years ago.

Highlight: On “Sweet Emotion” makes his was down the catwalk with two cell phones stuck on his bass guitar.