Aetherian – At Storm’s Edge


Shock and awe. This is the shortest and most apt description I can give for the new release of Aetherian. They may have had a very good start with the EP “Tales Of Our Times” (2015) and the full-length “The Untamed Wilderness” (2017) and they had given us a heads up with the fantastic single “Primordial Woods” (2021) in which Sakis Tolis of Rotting Christ participated, but personally I didn’t expect such a continuation.

“At Storm’s Edge” is a fantastic release. Musically, the Athenian melodic death metallers are raising their level compared to the past. I would say that their main influences can be found in Insomnium and Be’lakor, although they are closer to the Australians and it helps the fact that unlike the Finns they don’t use clean vocals at all. There are a few spoken parts as well as a few acoustic passages, which are the calmest situations within the album.

The songs are mainly moving in mid-tempo rhythms, but there are also moments when the speed is increased a lot. However, the big weapon of Aetherian is none other than the fantastic melodies. Melodies that you can’t get enough of them and stick in your head, epic refrains, admirable guitar work and death growls as they should be. All this is helped by the impeccable production of the usual suspect Fotis Benardo at Devasoundz Studios, which gives a solid, powerful and clean sound, emphasizing ideally the band’s so well thought out compositions.

Without any exaggeration, “At Storm’s Edge” is an excellent effort by Aetherian. An amazing album full of inspiration and riveting moments that could go a long way to changing their status on the scene. Personally, so far it’s easily in the top five new releases I’ve listened to this year. I can’t congratulate them enough for this record. Fans of proper melodic death metal, don’t pass this one by.