This is one of the best AOR albums of 2015. The feeling of the 80s is constantly there and the best part is that Ailafar are from Greece. “No Limits” can be easily compared with bands with much bigger discography and experience. John Tzortzis is the composer and founder of Ailafar and the band exists since 2006.This is their second album and it was released by AOR Boulevard Records.

Most of the songs have totally different voices and that got me really confused. Then I read in the band’s biography that this album features at least 6 different singers. Tatiana Oikonomou stands out by contributing her amazing melodic voice in the most catchy songs of the album such as “Flood Of Love”, “Further The Road Signs” and “Tell Me Why”.

The lyrics of the album are pretty much the basic love story, like in most AOR albums but that doesn’t change the fact that the album has music compositions that many bands of that kind would be jealous of. John Tz. states in an interview that the title is a result of the English word “ail” that means pain and sadness. So, in general Ailafar is something that sends bad feelings away .

Ailafar ‘s  influences are bands like Nelson, Heart ,Toto and  Tom Petty and it’s pretty obvious in every song and AOR fans will adore from start to finish.