I am certain that Aldo Nova doesn’t need any special introduction especially for all the melodic rockers out there. After all, this is the guy responsible for some of the biggest hits in the 80s while his name is featured in songs by Jon Bon Jovi, Blue Oyster Cult, Celine Dion etc. The truth is that Aldo Nova has chosen in the last decade or so to keep a low profile thus the news of his return with a rock opera (!) was significant…to say the least. Firstly, because these two (Aldo Nova and opera) are seemingly two opposite worlds and secondly due to the fact that Aldo Nova is missed by lots of people out there.

I won’t lie to you; even upon the sheer first listening session of “The Life And Times Of Eddie Gage” the reaction was almost non-existent! I mean, we tried to give it a try and a fighting chance but the songs of this 10-song EP (I don’t want to get technical here but an EP comprised of 10 songs is not an…EP, by definition) did not cut it for me! That’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Having said, I might not be the most suitable guy for the job as “opera” is an alien word (and world) for me. But I gotta give it to Aldo for having the guts to go down on a difficult road like this.

Quite honestly, all those who expected -like myself- a heavy dose of a melodic rock assault, then I am sure are already disappointed by the outcome. As for the rest, maybe they will find some interesting bits here and there…but again, nothing of great importance or reference. We encourage artistic freedom but within reason…and Aldo Nova is capable of far greater compositions than this 10-song pack.

Highlight:  Andy Christos, M.F. Stophalis, Rati Ayida are some of the names of the characters….’nuff said!