In a recent interview on Eyescream All Access Arch Enemy’s lead singer, Alissa White Gluz said between others that there might be a chance for more clean vocals in the band’s future works. “I love singing clean also, which is one of the reasons I wanted to continue with my old bands and stuff like that, and it’s one of the reasons that I am continuing with Kamelot. (…) I think in Arch Enemy, there’s a couple of songs where there actually is some clean singing, but you have to listen very, very closely to hear it. Like on the chorus of ‘Avalanche’, for example, I’m actually singing that [laughs], but I’m singing it with a lot of rasp. And, you know, in the future, if some songs seem like they would sound good with clean singing, I’m sure we would all be open to doing it. I mean, there’s some songs (on previous albums) from Arch Enemy (that had clean vocals), but it’s not Angela singing; it’s a guest.