The fact that this one is their fourth studio album before they complete ten years since they began, speaks for itself that this project is successful. The two exceptional voices unite their talent for the fourth time and I dare to say that this time the result is better than ever.

“The Great Divide” is the result of a real effusion of composition by Russel Allen and Jorn Lande and contains ten of the best songs they have written in their career. These tracks are perfectly tied together with a massive sound, great riffs and reffrains and almost all the characteristics a typical hard rock and metal fan would ask for. The band, having won the “battle” of composition, proceeded to the addition of a hero of the guitar, Timo Tolkki and at the same time the avoidance of the prog elements which were more or less evident in their previous works. Here the guitar is a personal element of the Finnish artist and gives the sound a personality, perfectly homogeneous with that of the singers.
In my opinion “The Great Divide” is the biggest surprise of 2014, as even it wasn’t one of the most anticipated releases, it is without argue one of the best of the year. I think it’s needless to mention song titles as highlights of the disc. I will only say that it’s an album worthy of its price. But if you insist, “Down From The Mountain”, “Lady Of Winter”, “The Hymn To The Fallen” and “Reaching For The Stars”, are songs that can really make the difference in an album.