There were several reasons that made the release of this album rather uncertain. Mark Tremonti, Scott Phillips and Brian Marshall reunited with Scott Stapp overcoming their past differences re-launching Creed. Myles Kennedy was rumored to be the next Velvet Revolver singer, was supposed to sing for a super group formed by Jimmy Page, and finaly sung on Slash’s solo album, and fronted the guitarist’s band on stage.
So, for about two years Alter Bridge were on ice with no prospect or future, although the guys from Creed were saying that the band wasn’t over yet. After their mediocre reunion album, and Myles’ successes, maybe they thought about it again and the third Alter Bridge begun to take shape. Better late than never, as they say, because this band has great potential, as it’s being obvious for the third consecutive time here!
The third “difficult” album seems to come out pretty easily. “III” is full of inspiration, which is probably due to the break they took with their other obligations. The compositions are top notch, as the band has used to, with their trademark being vivid both on mid, and fast tempo songs. Tremonti’s guitars are more edgy, and heavier than Creed, the rhythm section is even tighter, and Kennedy is once again awesome. Just listen to “Isolation”, “Ghosts Of Days Gone By”, and “All Hope Is Gone” to get an idea.
Honestly, not even their hardcore fans were expecting an album as good as this, but mostly those that wrote them off considering Creed’s easy money as Alter Bridge’s tombstone. But it seems that either they came to their senses, or thing with Stapp didn’t go as planned. Whatever the truth is, it’s only them who really know. The good thing is that the Creed trio, along with Kennedy just added one more great amazing album in their discography, and one of the best in 2010.
If you still haven’t discovered Alter Bridge, “III” is an ideal choice to get an idea of what the band is all about. For those of you who already know about them, I should write no more…