Alter Bridge Fortress


How many hard rock groups are there today that appeal to the mainstream crowd but at the same time have the amount of talent that Alter Bridge have? Let’s just say there are few. Obviously, starting the band in 2004, Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips wanted to redeem themselves for their past in Creed; in the face of Myles Kennedy they found the ideal partner to do just that.

2010’s ‘ABIII’ was their darkest effort until that point. A tour followed, and then a break during which Slash album ‘Apocalyptic Love’ in which Kennedy is the singer came out, as well as ‘All I Was’, Tremonti’s solo album which features even more heavy metal elements. The debut of the band Projected, which features Phillips on drums, was also released.

Let’s fast-forward to the present though: with ‘Fortress’ Alter Bridge once more have produced an amazing album. Their main virtue still is coming up with great melodies and big catchy choruses. Kennedy is one of the best singers of his generation and along with Tremonti they make a great duo; the complete each other as far as composing, guitar playing and vocals go.

Besides their trademark elements, this time Alter Bridge enrich their sound with new influences. They experiment with complex structures in ‘Cry of Achilles’, sound like Tool (‘Schism’ to be more precise) in ‘The Uninvited’ and like Muse in ‘Calm the Fire’; there’s even a Celtic Frost reference for those that will read the lyrics of ‘Waters Rising’ in which Tremonti is the lead singer. To aforementioned tracks, add upbeat songs ‘Addicted to Pain’, ‘Bleed it Dry’, ‘Peace Is Broken’, heartfelt song ‘Lover’ and the title track – a ‘Blackbird’ style epic.

Give ‘Fortress’, and Alter Bridge in general a chance: they deserve it. I hope we get to see them live in Greece.