In an interview to Ultimate Classic Rock, Judas Priest’s frontman said that he doesn’t want the next Judas Priest album to be the second part of “Redeemer Of Souls”, but a stand alone album. There have been a few [ideas] exchanged back and forth, particularly through me and Richie (Faulkner),, because we’re iPhone freaks and we’re always sending each other little memos, zipping them across to each other. It could be again, I would imagine, very much the same tone, very much the same kind of emotion and straightforwardness as the last sessions that we did, but just speaking for myself, I do not want to make a ‘Redeemer Of Souls’ part two. I think it’s very important that we make another standalone record again, a heavy metal record that’s going to have its own legs and just be as different as all of them have been so far.” The Metal God talked also about the importance of making new music and touring: “It’s really important to be a working band and by that, I mean, packing your suitcase, locking the door and getting in the van, if that is what it is. You’re still getting in the van, you know? As daunting as that can be at this time of life sometimes, it’s still the biggest thrill, privilege and honor to be able to take a band like Priest and play to millions of our fans around the world. (…) Making a record is important to support that. I don’t think we’ve ever gone on the road for any other purpose, because we want to see our fans again, but mostly, just to show the significance of this band, that we’re still out doing what bands should do when they’re working bands, which is like showing off your new material. If you’re able to still write and record and release, I think that’s a bonus; it really is, at this juncture. Priest is continually out there proving their point.”