Amaranthe – Helix


To my opinion the Swedish band is one of the surprises of the decade that is about to pass. They have managed to bring out their personal sound and in every new release they seem to become even more mature.

That’s exactly what happens with Helix, the Amaranthe’s fifth album. All virtues of the band are unfolded in this album. Speed in their sound, incredible energy, great tracks with plenty of air play in most of them, excellent combination of the three vocals, with Elize showing that she is always getting better, and the result is an album that you don’t  want to finish. It sounds like a merciless offence of electroindustrial pop / metal sounds, (this is exactly what Amaranthe are). However in Helix the elements of their music are so well-divided that makes it look like the album that will establish them even more in the audience preferences. In my own preference, it has already been established and I consider it one of the best releases of 2018. It is basically a continuation – a jump of Maximalism two years ago.

I take it for granted that Helix will contribute even more than the previous albums to the rise of Amaranthe. It is a band that is always getting closer to the top, the success of which is due to the fact that they took the great risk of insisting on this unique sound they chose and at no time in their ten-year career they do not influenced by trends and fashions.

Ι previously referred to energy … Yes, this is the first word that comes to my mind every time I listen to Helix!