Amaranthe - Manifest

The frantic course of the Swedes continues! A course that is not just accidentally happened by a charismatic band that has the main element which that leads to success: their very own, personal sound. A sound that Amaranthe is constantly evolving to sheer perfection.

“Manifest” seems to be their most complete album in every way and contains twelve tracks that each could hold an entire album on its own. I will not even refer to the production and the surrounding features of “Manifest” -I think it goes without saying that everything is perfect- so I will focus on the music, which from the first minute to the last, does not let you breathe and absolutely blows you away. “Fearless”, “Boom! 1”, “Archangel” and the amazing “Viral” (if the clubs were open at that time some of them would definitely play it) have already been presented via video, are not necessarily the best songs of the disc, but on the other hand every single song out of the 12-song bunch could have easily been a hit. As for the extraordinary Elize, most experts say that the technique in her voice is the best in the world in the wider metal genre.

Amaranthe is a very identifiable and unique band on their own; they have formed their own kind of metal that I do not think anyone else can assimilate as it is a kind of music that they created from the intelligence that distinguishes them and from the energy they showed from the first moment they started . “Manifest” is the reward for all the above.

This album is one of the top releases of the year that is ending and it is a real pity that this band is not on the road to present it to the world.

How much Nuclear Blast supports the “Manifest” can be seen from the versions in which it was released. Imagine that vinyl comes in twelve different colors!