Guitarist Craig Goldy (Resurrection Kings, Dio) joins Mark Strigl for his first interview since the death of bassist Jimmy Bain on episode 583 of Talking Metal. He shares memories of working with Bain while in Dio. He also mentions that there is a new Dio song on the way. The track was written and recorder shortly before Dio’s death.

About this unreleased song, Goldy said: “Me and Ronnie were writing before he passed. That was one of the most proudest and saddest moments of my life. At one point the doctor gave Ronnie a complete bill of health and Wendy (Dio, wife/manager) looked at him and says ‘the doctor says you can do anything you want to do now’. She goes, ‘What do you want to do?’ Ronnie looked at Wendy and said, ‘write with Craig’. So we started writing and there is one song that hasn’t been released yet and we’re getting ready to do that at some point.