Swedish guitar god Yngwie Malmsteen will release his next new album, titled “World On Fire”, probably in April. What’s worth mentioning is that except from the obvious, guitar and maybe bass, he will be handling lead vocals as well! “Any time I did lead vocals in the past, I was singing blues stuff. This time I decided to do lead vocals in my style of songwriting, so it’s different in that way. It’s a very hard-hitting album and some parts are very advanced, very complicated. But it’s a broad record. It’s definitely a must-listen-to! It’s finished and it’s been delivered to the label in Japan so I would expect it to be released in about two months from now.” Plus, except from vocals, bass and guitar, Yngwie plays most of the keyboards as well, while there is also a string section and choir-imagine if he handled that too!- resulting in a “super neoclassical” album according to him.