Anathema – A Sort Of Homecoming


The British have tried everything or almost everything during their 25-year course. If we consider the music style they started from and where they ended up, if we think about all the different kinds of live performances that we have witnessed then we can honestly admit that whatever we see from Anathema in the future won’t surprise us at all.

This time the…action takes place at Winchester an Anglican Cathedral in Liverpool that means within their parish….

It’s about a majestic acoustic show in the Church (in March 2015 during their last performance of their tour) whatever that entails as for the quality and the whole atmosphere that derives from something like that. I don’t see any surprise in the setlist of this performance.  A Natural Disaster, Fragile Dreams, Electricity, and Untouchable play the dominating role along with the usual songs that we hear in their quite many acoustic performances in the last years. It’s a very special performance, and exceptional yet meant for a special audience, those who study Anathema with bated breath and would like to add ‘A Sort Of Homecoming” in their record collection. In my opinion it’s a release worth having in your records even in a DVD form.