Seems to me we have a fine lil’ present for all of you friends of experimental Gothic music featuring many Pop elements… A gentleman from Germany, Mr. Peter Meyer, is the man behind the label you read above. Meyer meets up with singer Rafael Fernandez, who’s played with many bands in the past, most of them not that well-known… Rafael has an idea… The creating of an album moving inside the path described “upstairs”, featuring some singers coming from all different “places” of music. Thus Meyer handles the technical part, arranging and taking care of the instruments, doing some vocals as well, whilst, apart from Fernandez, ladies Jee Indaira, Andrea Tinto and Susanne Maaßen are invited to sing.
Okay… Female voices are crystal clear, sounding mighty impressive. You’ll get to listen to songs in English, German, Spanish… Ballad “Silent rain” is splendid, cool and sweet. Male voices are more darkened, pointing to Vampire movies and stuff… The general outcome is more than positive, this is actually a motifs mosaic, because of all the different participations… “Trail of tears” is also wonderful.
To be honest with you, this specific album is custom made for every true music lover. Just delete tags and labels, ignore my initial remark and have a listen. Fantastic music and even more fantastic performances.