A new episode of The KISS Room podcast has been published and it features formerAce Frehley, Lynch Mob, and current Red Dragon Cartel bassist Anthony Esposito. Esposito talks about all those bands as well as addressing the recent comments by George Lynch claiming that he had gotten a text from Esposito threatening to “bust in” George’s “skull with a pipe and kill him.”
Esposito comments:
“I heard the show on Eddie Trunk. They were totally going at me, I wasn’t able to defend myself. It wasn’t about the money, although the money thing is screwed up and George has been screwing me for 25 years. I was doing a meet and greet in Osaka and a Japanese fan hands me a copy of Wicked Sensation (Lynch Mob’s first album) to sign. I look at it and the colors of the album cover CD booklet were off. So I was like ‘Is this a bootleg? What is this?’ So I open it up and it’s this 16 page booklet of just pictures of Oni (Logan, Lynch Mob vocalist) and George. They took off all the pictures of me and Mick (Brown, Lynch Mob drummer) from the album. It’s a whole new booklet with a ten page interview with linear notes by George…I mean it’s like if you bought a remastered copy of Love Gun and there was no Ace and Peter (Criss, KISS drummer) in the pictures and it was just Gene (Simmons, KISS bassist) and Paul (Stanley, KISS guitarist), you don’t think Ace would be pissed off if he had to sign it? So he’s trying to diminish my input of that album, which everything was split equally, everything was written equally, and I was pissed and I fired off that text in a moment of pissed off anger which any musician part of a great album like that would feel.”