Anthrax – For All Kings


Every new release by Anthrax is definitely a good piece of news for all the headbangers around the world and naturally “For All Kings” couldn’t be an exception. This time, the New Yorkers didn’t let 8 years (the time gap between “We’ve Come For You All” and “Worship Music”) pass by and they return after 4 ½ years after the release of “Worship Music. Truth be told here; I wasn’t thrilled with that album…“Worship Music” was a good record with 5-6 remarkable compositions. Having been raised with the music of Anthrax back in the 80s, I was expecting far more from this favorite band of mine. But again…I am not saying that it was bad record whatsoever.

“For All Kings” carries on really where “Worship Music” stopped but it is enriched with some modern traces here and there while the pure thrash moments are considerably fewer in number. The albums opens with quite possible the best cut which is called “You Gotta Believe” and it reminds of the good old days. This is classic Anthrax at its very best. The follow up “Monster At The End” might not be of the same caliber or quality level but nevertheless is a remarkable moments which shows Anthrax borrowing influence by Disturbed (in the verse) and late Machine Head (at the chorus). The title track is one more highlight and after some mediocre moments, the end is again pretty memorable with the excellent songs “Defend Avenge”, “Zero Tolerance” and “All Of Them Thieves”.
In regards with the overall band performance is immaculate and flawless with the new kid on the block, Jon Donais playing his ass off on the guitar! I must say, though, without being an excerpt that Belladonna’s voice was evidently fixed in the studio…but that’s the rule and not the exception for every band, right?

All in all, “For All Kings” is not a bad album and I am sure that it will be enjoyed by many Anthrax fans. If you are expecting only the best from them, then I guess you won’t be fully content. I know that I wasn’t. But then again, let’s not forget that it’s 2016 and not…1986!

Highlight: The brilliant artwork done on the cover sleeve by Alex Ross.